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57 Passenger
Full size coaches

Interiors of coaches include many features as they hold passengers for significant periods of time on long journeys, are designed for comfort. Higher specification vehicles include luxury comfortable reclined seats with armrests, luggage racks above the seats where passengers can access their carry-on baggage during the journey. Baggage holds, accessed from outside the vehicle. Passenger service units, mounted overhead, on which personal reading lights and air conditioning ducts can be controlled and used by individual passengers with little disturbance to other passengers On-board rest rooms fitted with chemical toilets, hand basins and hand sanitizer. On-board entertainment including movies may be shown to passengers, curtains, useful on overnight services. On board Wi-Fi access, AC power, PA system.

39 Passenger
Mini coaches

The 39 passengers bus built on the principle of a cutaway chassis, produced an integral design, where the whole vehicle is purposely designed and built for use as a mini coach or minibus. The 39 pax bus option includes:
luxury leather armchairs, 2 tables, luggage racks with reading lights, dual AC, TV/DVD/CD/PA system/UBS charging outlets.
Minicoach can be use for both local and long distance trips.

28 Passenger

Grach Ford F550 28 passengers minibus is the most innovative, highest-quality commercial vehicle that is built from high quality materials. Hand-crafted construction makes this bus unrivaled in the ground transportation industry Grach Ford F550 28 pax minibus features:
Leather reclining high back seats with head rest, illuminated luggage racks with reading lights, front and rear air conditions, panoramic windshield, TV/DVD/CD/ WI-FI, USB charging port/ microphone for tour guide or announcement.

17 Passenger

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a light commercial vehicle built by Daimler AG of Stuttgart, Germany as a van for transporting 17 people. Our Sprinters, unlike standard Sprinters, have an extended body and fully customized for more comfortable, pleasant and smoother rides.
The high-backed reclining seats are trimmed with leather or dense fabric mounted on a stepped platform, which gives passengers in the last and next-to-last back rows an excellent overview.
Features of some Sprinters also include luggage racks with reading lights. There is a large trunk for suitcases in the back.
All Sprinters are air-conditioned, equipped with TV/DVD/CD/Microphone for tour guide/power outlets/USB charging ports.


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